Common Questions:

How often does my ice machine need to be serviced?

Manufacturers recommend ice machines are serviced every six months to ensure safe, hygienic and reliable operation. Our low cost maintenance packages start with one comprehensive service per year. Depending on the usage and working conditions of your machine, the engineer will be then able to advise how many visits per year will be required going forward.

What does servicing involve?

Our service engineers will strip down your ice machine to ensure all working parts are cleaned of grime, slime and lime scale and thoroughly sanitised. We’ll treat your water to prevent unnecessary build-up of lime scale and inspect all working parts to minimise the chance of future breakdown. A detailed functional test is then carried out to ensure efficient operation.

We clean the ice bin every week, isn't that sufficient?

Just because you clean your bin weekly doesn’t mean your ice machine is sanitary. In fact without taking your ice machine apart, it’s virtually impossible to detect how much slime and lime scale is building up. Not only could build-up cause costly breakdowns, but bacteria in your ice can pose a serious health hazard to customers.

How much does servicing cost?

Our annual maintenance packages start from as little as £150, the equivalent of just 40p per day – a small price to pay for complete peace of mind. Alternatively you can pay for servicing or repairs as and when you need them.

Can you train our staff to look after our ice machine?

The engineer will demonstrate how best to look after your machine. This will go a long way to ensure reliable and hygienic operation. Every machine is different, so we will be happy to give advice according to your specific needs and working conditions.

What payments do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cash and cheques.

When do we pay?

The engineer will require payment on completion of the visit. You will be given a receipt and a full VAT invoice will follow by post.

Credit terms are available only for established customers and for those in the public sector.


What if my machine can't be repaired?

Virtually everything can be repaired, however the age and condition of the equipment generally dictates if the repair cost is justifiable. Where necessary, the engineer will be able to recommend a suitable replacement based on your specific needs.

Do you repair home ice makers?

We look after many residential customers who have Scotsman, Hoshizaki or Icematic commercial machines fitted at home. Over the years we have carried out many installations for Architects, Interior Designers and Specialist Joiners. We don't however work on table-top ice machines or American style fridges.

Do you sell new ice machines?

We sell a wide range of ice machines from most leading manufacturers. The cost includes delivery and warranty. We can even take care of installation and commissioning. We are also authorised to carry out repairs on behalf of the manufacturer.